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This is my run at a v1 install on a 2013 Outback Premium - No Sunroof.


With that said ... I hope this helps.

Step one - take the screws out of the sunglasses holder.

Then pull down on the front of the colsole / map light / mic plastic. There is NO NEED to pop the map light covers out or the mic out as I did (trying to figure it out).

You can see the 2 clip locations here.

Now the fun - you can either fashion some method to hook the ground wire to the back of the screw you removed or do as I did an CAREFULLY drill a small hole in the cross brace for a grounding screw. I started with a VERY small bit and worked my way up to a 3/32nd then used a #6 3/8 long sheet metal screw for grounding. NOTE THE LOCATION. If you drill on the flat above this you will be drilling a hole in your roof!!

OK here is where I ran into a problem - You are looking for the yellow wire that goes to the mirror. Not the yellow that goes to the plastic map light / sunglasses holder. (and do yourself a favor - go pick up $1.50 worth of t taps at the auto store before you attempt this PLEASE DON'T USE WIRE NUTS.)

OK now we have power and ground ... test your detector then work on running the cables.

My cable run (subject to change - I leave plenty of slack to move things around then finalize later.)

Go to the left (drivers side) of the mirror. and push the cable up from the bottom. V1 is easy as it is a phone cable. (sorry for the crappy pic.)

Then secure the cables above the plastic (Plenty of room) and test again.

Now clean it up.

the mirror has a trim piece that detaches by sliding the top part toward the bottom - this lets you tuck your detector cable in with the mirror cable.

SLIDE IT DOWN - dont pull it ... or you will break the little teeth off and be buying a new piece.

Tuck you cable in leaving as much length out the bottom as you desire.

Mount the detector .... TEST

Then pop the map / sunglasses trim back in and secure the screws.

You should have something like this...

I'm not 100% happy with the location because of the blue tinit / black surface that the detector wont stick to. I'll probably get one of the V1 mounts that attaches to the mirror, it looks to be the best option for this car.

Pretty happy to have my first mod done with less than 50 miles on the car.


Follow up - I just ordered a mirror mount from these guys:
No affiliation with me, 60 bucks seemed more reasonable than the 89 for the other alloy one and the plastic one on amazon looked questionable.
I'll post up pictures when it shows up and I get it mounted.


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Excuse the ignorance. Is this radar/laser or both?

I wonder if the wiring is the same on GEN 4.1 as GEN 4.2?

I have no idea which detectors are top rated at a reasonable pricepoint (~$350? = highway speeding ticket), though I have researched them once or twice in the last 7-8 years.

Thanks for the nice write up.

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^^ V1 is radar+laser detector, though as is true for all laser detectors they usually aren't very effective because by the time you're hit with's too late. Occasionally you will get a bounced signal though, if you're lucky!

V1 is a top-notch radar detector's really true that once you have the directional arrows you won't be able to live without them :29:

Great hardwire write-up! I had a V1 hardwired with stealth display in my previous car...will definitely do it on the Outback when I get my hands on one.

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Make sure you dont drive through Virginia with that. It would probably be difficult to yank off and toss beyind the seat if you get pulled over
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