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2004 (my04) outback. R 3.0
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Approximately how long would it take an independent subaru mechanic to replace left and right valve cover gaskets and spark plug gaskets?

Car is 2004 R. 3.0 6Cyl.

If someone can give me the maximum time it would take them. I am just figuring out how much it will cost in labor charge.


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^ I concur. 2 hours. Gravy.

Labor time calls for 3 hours for the spark plugs and 3.5 for the valve covers so maximum shop labor charge should be 4 allowing for plug r&r along with the cover seals.

You have to remember, when dealing with a shop with experienced techs, you will pay the listed labor rate regardless if the tech gets the work done faster or takes longer. Its the industry standard.

A rip and jip shop would add the two together and charge 6.5 hours. In which case, you should find another shop.
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