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I shopped using the internet and received 50% success rate contacting 10 dealers in the Cinn-Dayton-Columbus-Indy area. One dealer in Cinn and two in Dayton (Wagner and Subaru of Dayton) provided prices around $1200 under invoice.

I went with Wagner Subaru because I have known where their store and they have extremely low overhead, you would know what I mean if you have ever been there. My sales person is Mike Reed. I told Mike I would be in yesterday morning. I arrived and Mike greeted me and my wife and my wife viewed the Twlight Blue color in person and liked it.

We sat down and ordered the car in 10 minutes with no fanfair. Everything was straight forward and exactly what Mike said it would be.

This was the best experience I have encountered and I highly recommend this dealership for price and being straight forward to nonsense place to purchase a Subaru. We pushed an Outback 3.6L...
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