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MY04(SE) Outback 2.5 i, MT i.e bog standard
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Just in case somone's interested...
I've seen threads elsewhere and info on other websites on how the new Outbacks all but drive themselves out of the dealerships.
It's about the same here in Sweden and I believe in Denmark and Finland as well -it's the same importer- which is bad, good, a nuisance depending among other things if you've already got one :D, want one, or sell them. Well the bottom line is that this looks like about being Subaru's best year ever in Sweden. The Subarus are kind of hot in Norway too, Petter Sohlberg anyone? Anyway our "local" dealer told us when we picked up our new car last friday, that the next shipment frrom Japan won't arrive before end of september, middle of october. He was somewhat upset as he said he easily could have flogged a lot more cars, had they simply been available. They've sold off all but one of the demo cars trying to accomodate demanding customers. The cars that arrive in the autumn are already signed for. If it's an Outback you want, please form a line and wait!:(
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