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Hello all. First time poster. I have read hundreds of posts on the wandering issue and I'm sorry to belabor it. But I'm experiencing an issue in addition to wandering (but seemingly related) that I saw mentioned in another thread, and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it.

I have a 2012 premium outback. New to me, it was a dealer loaner. I've had it for a month or so. 9,000 miles. Definitely a wanderer, needs constant minor adjustments on the highway and doesn't straighten out of a curve when I take my hands off the steering wheel. It's not fun to drive on the highway, plain and simple (I didn't test drive this particular car before purchasing, but I wasn't aware of this issue). But beyond that, every now and then, driving on the highway (usually around a curve on a windy day), the steering will just go dead and it feels like I'm sliding on ice. Just for a second, but it's very unsettling. Anyone else experiencing this?

Tire pressure is consistent with specs and not over inflated.
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