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No turbo motors were offered around the generation - 1995-1999 - and Legacy/Outbacks never got Turbo's until like 2005.

The best vehicle you can get in my opinion is a 1996 Outback Manual trans. it's the only model outback that ever came with an EJ22 - one of Subaru's best motors ever. If you're worried about gas mileage due to costs then that's the cheapest motor to own too.

The EJ25D in Outbacks from 1996-1999 have headgasket issues and have a high rate (for Subarus) of lower end failures...probably due to the headgasket issue.

1996-1999 kind of sucks for buying Subaru's due to all the nicer models having the EJ25. But I favor reliability and can't have the symptoms they have for all the long distance traveling I do with family, etc.
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