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Warning do not get keys cut at walmart they screwed up my original and copy

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So ya now every time I start my car i have to fiddle with the key for like 10 minutes flipping it over bending it etc to get it to turn... also it no longer works at all for any of my doors or glovebox ( which I have $500) locked in and can't get out now.... wtf.... that was my only original and now is screwed up any suggestions?
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I'd talk to Wall-Mart on that one, good chance they might cover the tab if you mention any legal issues.

The local Walmart managed to break the key to my mom's Saturn off in the ignition, messing up the lock. It took most of the day, but Walmart paid GM to come out to fix it and make two new keys. They ended up towing it up to the dealership to replace the ignition. So a little reasonable pressure and Walmart can be very 'helpful.'
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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