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Warning do not get keys cut at walmart they screwed up my original and copy

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So ya now every time I start my car i have to fiddle with the key for like 10 minutes flipping it over bending it etc to get it to turn... also it no longer works at all for any of my doors or glovebox ( which I have $500) locked in and can't get out now.... wtf.... that was my only original and now is screwed up any suggestions?
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How did they mess up the original? It doesn't go anywhere near the cutting wheel on my machine...someone would have to REALLY not know what they're doing!

The dealer or a locksmith will often be able to code-cut it as well, which is better than copying a worn original. A nearby dealer cut my father a key for his Outback by code on an Ilco blank for a few bucks.

Definitely go to a real locksmith or dealer. Department stores usually don't have very well-calibrated machines...good enough for a cheap-o Kwikset lock that the average person would have on their front door, but not too much else. A few months ago, someone where I work took a bunch of blanks and various original keys to one of the buildings to a hardware store to have duplicates cut. They ended up with about 90% of them not working because they cut everything a little too deep...they had a locksmith do it the next day and they all worked beautifully. Bit of a shame...they burned through a whole bunch of restricted blanks which, while not expensive, they had to jump through hoops to order them.
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