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Warning do not get keys cut at walmart they screwed up my original and copy

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So ya now every time I start my car i have to fiddle with the key for like 10 minutes flipping it over bending it etc to get it to turn... also it no longer works at all for any of my doors or glovebox ( which I have $500) locked in and can't get out now.... wtf.... that was my only original and now is screwed up any suggestions?
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Hello. . . maybe try a locksmith? (self serving, I know)

We charge about $3 for a non-sidewinder, non transponder Subaru key. $5 if you want one with a plastic head.

Dealer should charge less than $20 even if they sell you the OEM blank, which I'm willing to bet you a Starbucks house brew they also keep Curtis (or some other aftermarket) blanks that usually go for less than a ten-spot even if they hate you. When I worked at Subaru in the late 90's I think we charged $2 per key.

Wal-mart and most hardware stores usually suck at cutting keys. . but the margins are good enough that even if they have to remake 3 of 4 they're still turning a profit.

Any locksmith worth his brass scrap should be able to decode and recut a key to factory spec. . .better still if you have a keycode, which most dealers will give you for the asking, no charge. You will have to ask in person, with proof of ownership and positive ID at the parts counter, however.
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2001 Jetta is a transponder, high-security "sidewinder" cut, and a switchblade remote. Triple whammy. We sell them for about $175 programmed. The machine to cut them costs $17,000 (they're down to about $9k now that almost every automaker uses those types of keys) . . . one thing that definitely contributes to the cost.
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