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Warning do not get keys cut at walmart they screwed up my original and copy

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So ya now every time I start my car i have to fiddle with the key for like 10 minutes flipping it over bending it etc to get it to turn... also it no longer works at all for any of my doors or glovebox ( which I have $500) locked in and can't get out now.... wtf.... that was my only original and now is screwed up any suggestions?
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Yeah and 50.00 plus for the key
Does anyone know how much Subaru is gonna charge? It shouldn't be to much due to it not having a chip in it
I will but first I'm gonna put some lock oil in there and see if it helps but I might have needed to get a key made any ways because it would not unlock my driver door or trunk before I got it cut...
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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