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2014 2.5i Premium - 6 spd MT
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Don't think this is a straight maintenance issue so thought I'd go general. My extended warranty ran out the end of Dec 2012. In early December I had my 2008 2.5 XT in to the dealer because the steering was making noise while turning. Seemed like a power steering pump issue. Well, the dealer claimed it was only the belt that needed to be replaced. So, fast forward two months and I am out almost a grand for a new power steering pump and hose assembly :mad:. The place where I had the work done this time, i.e. not the dealer, said the pump had been leaking and looks like someone had just refilled it. I hadn't touch the thing so, my thought is the dealer just filled it up and replaced the belt to get past the warranty period :28:.

In hind sight, I should have gone back to the dealer but, at this point, I don't trust them to do anything right (have had an ongoing A/C problem since I've had the car that they can't figure out). I'm gonna try and fight it with the warranty company, not sure it will do any good. Will then go back to Subaru after that. I love my Outback but, the service I have received from 2 different dealers in the No. VA area gives me pause for buying another Subaru when this one finally goes.

Has anyone had an experience like this or any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks a bunch.
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