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Water leak inside both front doors

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I have a 2001 outback wagon vdc. I am in the process of installing an entirely new sound system, and it rained on me a little last night while I was doing some wiring. Well I was inside the car with the doors closed, and started to hear water falling somewhere. I haven't been able to determine the exact source of the leak, but I know it has to be coming from the window seal on the door (where you can rest your arm when the window is down) or the fin thing that holds the side view mirrors. The water is actually falling into the door, behind/on the speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I did some looking around before creating this thread, but couldn't find anything referring to a leak exactly like this.
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Window seals on the doors are not waterproof.
It is expected that water will come down inside the doors. Be sure the drain holes at the bottom of the doors are clear of debris. Sometimes undercoating or rustproofing put on the car after-the-fact will actually block the drain holes and make more problems than it prevents.

doors speakers should have weathershields on them to protect them.
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Put some silicone spray on the door weatherstripping, and as well on all of the glass seals and, and then run the windows up and down several times to distribute it. Not only will the seals not freeze to the body of the car during winter temperatures, but it will make the seals more pliable and able to do their job. Hopefully this will solve your issue.
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