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weird scary problem

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum. I just had a really scary problem with my Subaru outback. I had parked in front of a market and was trying to back out, but the steering wheel would not budge and the car was just rolling backwards, even when I put it in drive and pressed the gas pedal to go forward. It seemed really resistant to moving, like the emergency brake was on, but I had disengaged it. The light was on though, as was the check engine light and pretty much everything else.
I could not really experiment with it because there was a big crowd of people in the road and I did not want to risk hitting anyone. So I stopped and put the brake on and called my husband.
he arrived after the crowds had cleared and it started right up for him and worked fine. He said I imagined it. (and a few other things I will no repeat!)
Any ideas?
The remote that locks and unlocks the car is a little dodgy and I wonder if that could have caused the whole system to seize up like that?
I definitely did not imagine it because my son was there. The steering wheel was really hard to move, the transmission seemed locked, and the brake seemed engaged even though I had disengaged it.
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whoa. Ok, yes, the car was on a slight hill. But would it roll even if it was in gear? Is it possible to start it and it doesn't take?
Yes, even when running some automatics will roll on hills. It's also very possible to have a car not start. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, perhaps it just wasn't cranked long enough.

I'm guessing you haven't driven a vehicle with a carburetor.
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