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Well, the first 275 miles were fine, and problem free, then I noticed tonight that my windshield wiper pump doesn't work. (rear does, front does not). No sound from a pump firing up TRYING to pump fluid...just nada. (wipers move and smear everything...JOY).

Checked the Washer fluid container, topped it up and tried again.. NADA. Just more smearing action. No pump sound.

Jack up car, check electrical connections to pumps. Rear unit gets 12V and fires. Front unit gets 12V...doesn't fire. DAMMIT

She'll have to go back to the dealer do have a WW pump replaced.

Then again, I've got a nice new car...and if this is the worse problem I have, it's a good car. It's just annoying that the dealership didn't check this in their "pre-delivery"

Anyone else have an "new" ownership problems they'd care to share?

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Well, I ordered my OB carefully in 98, and waited ... finally the dealer called, my car had arrived! And when I got there I found they had ordered a red one instead of the green I wanted.

So they got Gojira from a dealer in Detroit, and installed the skid plates I'd ordered. That's how I got the factory tweeter option for free.
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