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I own 4 Subarus. A 95,97,02 and a 14. The first two are 2.2 and the last two 2.5.
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There are a lot of posts on this topic on this and other subaru forums. In summary, the mechanics on the West coast, an area that has proportionally more subarus, either use the Six Star gasket or the Subaru turbo 642 gasket. For example, All Wheel Drive uses six star and General Dynamics uses the 642. Both are MLS type gaskets as is the Cosmetic mentioned above.

Of probably equal importance, is the skill of the mechanic. In general, I think that I can summarize the best technique include [1] to take the engine out of the car and [2] don't use a rotating device such as a "whiz" wheel to smooth the block. Machining the heads seems to be optional, some do, some don't. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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