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2020 Touring 2.5L
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It鈥檚 the luxury-like interior for me while being a beast outdoors

'17 Outback 2.5i Premium, '10 Legacy 2.5i Premium
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Oh man. So many posts here reminding me why I love my OB so much.

For me, I can't decide if it's:
  • Adaptive Cruise Control - I never used CC before I had this
  • RCTA - just brilliant backing out of a spot in a parking lot
  • Remote Start w/ Auto Climate Control - front & rear defrost automatically on cold mornings
  • X-mode - gets me safely down that steep hill approaching my office on snowy days

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And, those nags are good things that help me daily many times, so positive

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I bought my Outback because all of the safety systems are integrated. Not just the electronics, aka the safety cage and other design features, that most folks do not even pay attention to. But being a Paramedic/Firefighter for over 40 years, I have an appreciation for all of these systems in one package that does not have to be purchased as add-on packages with high markups. I value my family's life and put my money on the table and walk the walk.

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