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It's my first post so be genlte with me! I'm the proud daddy of an '04 Outback Wagon and after reading a number of posts have decided to order some Nokian WR's.

I want to be sure I'm ordering the correct size though. My stock Bridgestone's are 225-60R-16. But the specs list the "winter" tire size as 215-60R-16. Which is the best size, or is there a better way to go?

I want to avoid any problems like rubbing, etc., especially since I'm not exactly buying them from my local tire shop (have to mail order them -- no dealer anywhere around me in the Wash DC area).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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The winter sizing is specifically for a dedicated winter tire, not for the WR's which technically are an all-season tire even though they have exceptional winter/snow performance. Stick with the 225/60 16 sizing and also make sure that you get at least a tire rated at 97H, although I know for a fact that all Nokian tires in that size are rated far above 97H.

Also, by saying that you are going to mail order them would you happen to purchasing them from That would be your best bet on Nokians. IIRC, I listed some links in another tire thread that link directly to that tire w/that sizing at if you'd like to check :)
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