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Hey guys. I have a 2003 legacy outback limited sedan in amazing condition....under the hood.
I want to make my baby look more like eye candy than just a double take, Subaru dealership where I didn't purchase the vehicle told me it was great and surprised it passed all their test. I have had suggestions on what to do to it, such as window tinting. She already has the spoiler and I just cleaned her headlights and fog lights so they also look bad ass in any time of the day so I keep them on. ;).
All I want is some of you people to tell me what I should do to make her look better. Maybe some websites that you trust. Thanks

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I have a 2002 outback sedan,

the best mod: snow tires. on their own rims. and subaru people as far south as Virginia run them.

I bought a set of period correct OEM rims and tires off another member.

but others get cheaper aftermarket steel rims or fancier aftermarket rims for their 3 season tires.


I also got a metal skid plate off another member, (the plastic ones like to break when you go over 14" of hard snow at the end of a driveway,... which only takes a few minutes to shovel enough to not drag a car over.

.the pair of plastic skid plates I have are held together with LOTS of zip ties,)

as far as visual ideas :

maybe look at this section,
Gallery - Subaru Outback - Subaru Outback Forums

in catalogs, maybe rallitek,
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