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192k, LL Bean. Not much more color on the car so far, other than a description that it's in great shape, everything works "right". Asking $3,500 (I know...need more info to know if the price is good, or not). From a quick look this morning, appears that head gaskets may be an issue. Can someone clarify? Other things to look for, worry about? Thanks.

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I'll list some stuff to watch for, do a search for more info. Dunno what your experience is with cars in general - all older cars can exhibit typical problems with worn-out parts. The H6 is does not have a reputation for headgasket problems (though, an old subaru could have any problem any other car could have)

torque bind (can be major $$$$$$)

split axle boots

vibration from poorly rebuilt axles

worn/blown bushings - rear liquid filled bushings on front lower control arm

air/foam/bubbles in power steering fluid

speed sensor on a/c compressor

bad bearings in serpentine belt pulleys (idler and tensioner)

(at that mileage - might be a good idea to have a valve adjustment done)

you could post your city and maybe someone can recommend a mechanic that would inspect the car for $75-$100 .
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