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What to replace along with timing belt...

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I just picked up a slightly exterior damaged only '99 Subaru Legacy Outback with just over 100K. Car is immaculate except for some of exterior.
I am getting ready to replace all belts to include timing belt and waterpump, based on info I read here.
Do I also need to be concerned with internal timing belt pulleys as I will be with ext. ones. Any and all help is appreciated. Car has been well maintained.
Thanks in advance.
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The concensus is to replace everything that touches the timing belt except the camshaft and crank sprockets. The TB pulleys and tensioner are probably still in decent shape with some miles left on them, but unlikely to last another 105k miles until the next scheduled TB change. When one of those pulleys or the tensioner fails it is potentially catastrophic (i.e. you need a new engine) and for sure you will be stranded until repairs are done.

The additional labor is minor so you're just dealing with the cost of the parts.

Other things to consider while you're in there (so you don't have to go in again until 105k more miles):

-reseal the oil pump
-replace front main seal
-replace camshaft seals

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Timing belt Kits come with all the timing components in the box. Some even include the tensioner. Gates makes a good kit.

A 99 with less than 100k comes to about 7kish a year, which is decent use but unless you have maintenance records, get everything caught up so you know where you are.

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replace the timing belt, tensioner, and all the pulleys, ebay sells kits too. $160 and up.

water pump it's smart to replace but they are the most robust component down there if you must cut something. get a Subaru only water pump gasket, the aftermarkets and flimsy cardboard.

reseal the oil pump (includes the crank seal) and tigthen the backing plate screws.
cam seals (4 of them on that engine)

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Cam seals and crank seal is much more difficult to replace. I wouldn't touch it unless you have noticeable leaking/seeping. You need special tools to take them off, or get creative with the old timing belt to hold them, which isn't easy and risks damaging values.

Yes to all idles and tensioner. Water pump is 50/50, but yours is getting old in age, but not miles.
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