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I have a 09 out back, and I don't know what type of motor it is. How do you find out. I know it's a small 4 cylinder motor, but it's still fast as ****. I have had no problem with it at all. I see models like H SP I really don't know all the motor types. Does anyone know what you can learn from a VIN number?:confused: OK thanks
Look under the hood and you should find a tag with the VIN, paint code, transmission model, etc. The engine model will also be there.

You probably have the base non-turbo four cylinder engine. Fast compared to what...a beat up 1980s Honda Civic? People typically don't use the word "fast" to describe an Outback with the base four cylinder in it. Heck, I wouldn't even consider my 212 HP H6 Outback to be "fast." :D

You could have the turbo-4, which is pretty quick, but I don't think there was ever an XT Outback branded "special edition."
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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