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What's Better deal, Costco or IMBA VIP?

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I am a Costco member and an IMBA member. The IMBA deal is 2% below invoice. Not sure about Costco, I have to drive about 30 miles to a dealer in Englewood CO to get the Costco price and I don't generally have time to do that. Anybody compared the 2 deals? Do either of these deals require you to pay destination charge, or other hidden fees? Do they include Subaru Financing (which is 1.9% now). Thanks.
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I bought my graphite gray 2011 Outback 2.5i Premium with CVT, AWP, Power Moonroof, PZEV, Rear Bumper Cover, Cargo Net, and Tweeter Kit via the Costco program.

See my previous posts here and here regarding the details of my purchase via the Costco program. I was very pleased with it and it ultimately worked out to 3% ($835) below invoice. However, Costco pricing apparently varies by geographic region AND model AND trim, so your experience may be different.

No hidden fees; destination and delivery are included in the invoice price. Not sure about financing since I purchased outright.
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