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What's Better deal, Costco or IMBA VIP?

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I am a Costco member and an IMBA member. The IMBA deal is 2% below invoice. Not sure about Costco, I have to drive about 30 miles to a dealer in Englewood CO to get the Costco price and I don't generally have time to do that. Anybody compared the 2 deals? Do either of these deals require you to pay destination charge, or other hidden fees? Do they include Subaru Financing (which is 1.9% now). Thanks.
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Our closest Costco dealership was too far, but BJ's dealership was where I've been before and their deal was .5% over invoice. I was able to negotiate down to invoice anyway as another (farther) dealership was quoting $200 below invoice through
I found this article very useful as well as a lot of the follow up comments. Blog Blog Archive The Slickdeals Approach to Negotiating the Price of a New Car (Updated July 22, 2010)

I will say about truecar to keep an eye on the model year. When I was doing pricing in early September they were defaulting to 2010 so I got a couple quotes that were off and dealers said "we can't do that price" until one finally pointed out that I had the wrong model year.
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