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Showing a buyer the receipts is a + however you don't need to include them.

Minor dents easily pulled with no paint work needed is a good idea given dents are the first thing people spot. So yes if minor little dents are easily pulled do it.

NADA and edmunds I found to be behind the curve on used car prices for anything older than 06 in my recent car shopping done in April bought a 07 Sequoia and sold a 1993 mint condition low mileage Land Cruiser for $7000 had a guy fly 2hrs picked him up at the air port paid cash and drove it home 15hr drive. Zero issues sent me a note thanking me that the truck was great!

Look at Auto trader dealer prices for your car drop it about $500 and thats probably what you could start asking for it. My 07 Sequoia was selling on dealer lots for between 23-25K with zero records or history - I bought mine with all records from the original owner for 22K.

That should give you some ideas on how to do the pricing. By the way NADA and Kelly Blue book are one in the same and Kelly Blue book owns I don't put much weight on their pricing at all as a buyer or seller. Edmunds seems to be closer to the real deal in most of my experiences over the last few years but the used car market pricing has shot up in the past year and anything older than about 06 seems to be way over the suggested value by these sources.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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