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Hey guys,

I'm toying with the idea of selling or trading my car. My wife would say I'm going through a early mid-life crisis as I've been looking at cars from the 30's-60's, so this idea might pass. I know most of you know what comes on the Bean edition but here's the low down:

2002 Outback
LL Bean edition
H-6 3.0
90,380 miles
Leather seats
Front heated seats
Dual sunroofs
Sound system with sub, 6 disc, single disc, and tape, Booyah!
Power windows
Power doorlocks
Factory racks and cross bars
Cargo cover shade doohickey
Stock Bean floormats are still in good shape
No rust, no codes, no CELs
Everything works as it should with no issues

I'm the second owner of the car, prior to me it was only serviced at the dealership. I'm not a dealership guy, so since I have owned it I've done:
New tires in Dec with approx 11k miles (actually previous owner did these too, but I felt it was worth mentioning)
New fluids in Jan
New pulley, bearings, and belt in Feb (or whenever I asked a question about it on the forum)
New front rotors and pads in March.

The only things wrong with the car are it has a few dents. The leather on the outer bolsters of the front seats are cracked. Lastly on the Carfax it is listed as having a wreck, but with no airbag deployment. The previous owner scrapped the shopping cart return pilon and put a couple dents on the rear passenger fender lip. It never bothered me but I want to disclose everything.

I'm sure there is stuff I am forgetting. I actually like the car, it does everything it is supposed to, I just kind of want something else. The cars been my DD since Jan and does a great job.

So, a couple questions:
- What's market price on the above described car? Nada says between $6500-8500 does that seem right? I'm hoping the low mileage helps me out a little.
- Do I need to see about having the dents pulled? Would that really be much of an increase?
- Should I wait until winter to sell? (I'm actually thinking this will be a better time to sell, and since I'm in no rush why not wait)
- I don't have an work orders for the work I did on the car, but I have the receipts from when I purchased parts. Do I need to include those in the sale?

Sorry the pics aren't great, I just took them at lunch yesterday. It needs a bath. And bike racks are not included.
Thanks guys.


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