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Wheels shudder when turning when the front end is lifted off the ground

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I've been getting some odd groaning/grinding noise when making sharp turns like into a parking space. PS pump isn't making an unusual amount of noise like I've experienced when pumps in other cars failed. Thinking it might be a front end issue, like tie rods or a wheel bearing, I lifted the front to have a look and nothing out of the ordinary was found.

I then turned the car on and turned the wheel back and forth, and when I turn fast both wheels shake/vibrate rather remarkably. While turning the high pressure hose pulsates. There's plenty of fluid though it's been sometime since I've changed it.

There also appears to be some wetness on reservoir hose. I've never seen a pump failure look like this so I'm afraid the rack may be to blame.

Edit: it tracks and drives fine going straight, no pulling, wandering, shuddering, anything like that, it's just a turning problem.

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Could be one of the CV axles as mentioned above. I had similar noises coming from the front of my 2013 3.6R back in the November / December timeframe, and it turned out to be my right front CV axle. The boots were intact, no outwardly visible sign of failure, but it happens sometimes.
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