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wheels to fit a uk 2006 outback

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What other model wheels will fit a 2006 uk outback?

I can find lots of wheels in the size I'm looking for (16 x 6.5) but a lot are stating different offsets. I was under the assumption that I needed a 48mm off set, same as the Forrester.

Will impreza wheels fit and if so what year as there are LOADS of impreza wheels available.

Thanks guys
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Any Subaru 16" wheel will fit acceptably.
What about the different offsets?
Shouldn't cause any issue with stock tire sizes. Slight chance of rubbing at full wheel lock, but the offset difference is only a few mm.
Hi there, if it helps... I have a Uk... 2005 Subaru Outback 2.5 SE... I've just sourced this week after much research that Rover 75 (1999-2005) also fit. My current factory fitted wheels are 215 / 60 r16 with a 55 offset. Apparently only the 2005 2.5 SE came with wheels offset at 55 all the rest are 48. My 2nd hand Rover alloys have an offset of 50 and fitted fine today 6.5j / r16. The centre diameter clearance also matters... Which is needs to be 56mm.

I picked up my rover alloys for £60 for all 4 in good condition and little marks via gumtree. I've put a set of nice continental winter tyres today. The subaru alloys are going for a refurb in the spring and new summer rubber.

I did have to also buy new nuts as the ones with my subaru wheels the cone diameter was ever so slightly to small. New set of correct nuts made to TUV standards came in at £20 via eBay

I looked into fitting r17 subaru alloys from eBay and these work too as long as I go for 215 / 55 r17.

Hope this helps
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