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When to sell my 2005 Outback 2.5 XT?

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I just got a check-engine light and brought it in to the dealership for a look and minor check at 82,500 miles.

Seems like they're suggesting a valve adjustment ($2,000+) and a front and back axel boot tears and timing belt need replacing. Further, brake pads apparently need replacing at front and back for additional $600. All this would be about $4,000 total.

Should I just sell/trade the car before making repairs or is this model worth repairing? For example, if I spend the $4,000 will the car last me another 40,000 miles or so before another major expense or is this model destined for added repairs/costs?
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You might be one of the unlucky ones with burn exhaust valves. This happens when it runs lean for too long. This seems to occasionally happen. Do a search here and at and you'll see a few instances. The fix is expensive, but if you're lucky maybe just a valve adjustment.

The rest of it is common wear. You'll have a hard time selling the car. Maybe go straight to a dealer and trade it in for a 6 cylinder if you aren't a 'turbo' type person but want the more responsive car. But if you like the turbo, then get it fixes.

The car listed at 32k new for the limited. Over the 7 years you've had it, that's 4.5k/year. If the repair is less than that, and it lasts more than a year, you are saving money, assuming you replace it with a similar car. That's how I look at it. More people don't count money like that though. They just like the 'feel' of the new car.


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