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When to sell my 2005 Outback 2.5 XT?

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I just got a check-engine light and brought it in to the dealership for a look and minor check at 82,500 miles.

Seems like they're suggesting a valve adjustment ($2,000+) and a front and back axel boot tears and timing belt need replacing. Further, brake pads apparently need replacing at front and back for additional $600. All this would be about $4,000 total.

Should I just sell/trade the car before making repairs or is this model worth repairing? For example, if I spend the $4,000 will the car last me another 40,000 miles or so before another major expense or is this model destined for added repairs/costs?
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Valve adjustments are fairly simple, but unfortunately you can't reach the adjusters without removing the engine first. This is why the adjustment is so expensive. The whole engine has to come out.

I have read conflicting advice on the necessity of adjustments- some say it is nearly never required and others report burnt exhaust valves and other damage which would have been prevented by timely adjustment.

I had a compression test done, and it showed all 4 cylinders at equal pressure. Had this not been the case I might have gone for a valve adjustment. I can't point out any diagnostic which uses this as proof, I just decided to gamble on common sense.

XTs are desirable cars, arguably the most sought after of all outbacks.

At 80k+ miles you have driven most of the cheap miles out of that car. Soon it will be needing more things, so decide for yourself if you want to pay for them or leave it for the next guy. The timing belt will be due in 20k miles, and there can't be much left in the struts, brakes etc.
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