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When to sell my 2005 Outback 2.5 XT?

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I just got a check-engine light and brought it in to the dealership for a look and minor check at 82,500 miles.

Seems like they're suggesting a valve adjustment ($2,000+) and a front and back axel boot tears and timing belt need replacing. Further, brake pads apparently need replacing at front and back for additional $600. All this would be about $4,000 total.

Should I just sell/trade the car before making repairs or is this model worth repairing? For example, if I spend the $4,000 will the car last me another 40,000 miles or so before another major expense or is this model destined for added repairs/costs?
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+1 for new dealer.

I will say, the $600 for the brakes sounds reasonable if it's pads+rotors. You probably only need pads though unless you're hard on your brakes or live in the rust belt. If it's pads only, then tell the dealer you're concerned about their competence as it shouldn't require 4 hours to replace brake pads on vehicles they should be very familiar with.
Hi all, thanks so much for your thoughtful responses- this is obviously a concern because the $$$$ involved.

To answer your questions:
1. Yes, it's a Subaru dealership and it's part of their service center.
2. The CEL is: P0171 for system too lean (bank 1). Tech felt slight stuble during idle and noticed slight roughness on the monitor for cylinder #4. They reset CEL.
3. They recomended that if CEL returns cylinder misfire, they will need to do a valve adjustment and change of timing belt during that time.
4. Tech also found right front axle boot torn and lost all grease. Left side starting to crack. For each one, they said cost would be about $400 for a refurbused Subaru part- so immediate cost of $400, then another $400 within the next 12 months as the other one is starting to crack.

Any thoughts on this? Should I still see another dealer for a second opinion?

Thanks again!
4. Ebay a used part. I'm serious, for 40 bucks you can find a well working axle with boots that haven't torn. For another 60 you can replace the boots. Bam, fresh axle at 1/4 the price. Of course, the dealer won't guarantee it, but it should last you a long time.

As for as the other side, just have them replace the boots on your (still erfectly fine) axle.
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