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Where to buy oil/filters

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Now that I will need 0w-20 I was wondering if anyone knows of any good websites to order oil, filters, and crush washers in bulk?
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I won't get into the Oil debate, as I don't know enough to add meaningful information. Personally I stick to Mobil 1 and get it where it's cheapest.

As far as filters go, I have read quite a few articles and some long threads delving into the matter. In the end, filters are not all the same. Some aftermarket filters use inferior media, others use superior media. There are also different valve pressures and other nominal factors.

In the end, I have come to this conclusion. Subaru OEM filters will ALWAYS meet Subaru OEM Specifications. They cost as much, if not cheaper, than most aftermarket options. Considering there is no cost difference, why bother trying to find an aftermarket that might meet all of Subarus specs, when you can have the real deal at a effective price.

I have ordered from SPW and Fred Beans Auto Parts and had luck with both. Most will include the crush washer with the filter. Again, I'm buying the same product regardless of vendor, so I go where prices are lowest.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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