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Where to buy oil/filters

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Now that I will need 0w-20 I was wondering if anyone knows of any good websites to order oil, filters, and crush washers in bulk?
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Before my OB I owned an Altima Hybrid that required 0W-20. It was hard to find that particular weight back in 2007 so I ended up ordering on-line from Back then it was about $6.00 a quart including shipping. I checked what they get today and it has gone up quite a bit. $8.33 quart if you order 6 quarts but only $7.61 a quart if you order 12 quarts - the more you order the more you save on shipping. They sell Penzoil Platinum Synthetic. The price I calculated was with shipping to MA so I'm not sure if shipping will be different to other locations. Another benefit is no tax - at least in MA.

EDIT - Just noticed that the local Walmart has 5 quart jug of Penzoil 0W-20 for $25 so why look any place else?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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