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where to get matching carpet?

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Hi everyone. I'm planning my stereo install here. I will be putting a 10" sub and an amp rack where my spare tire currently is. The factory tire cover will be removed in favor of something which more stylishly displays my gear.

Can anyone help me find carpet and/or vinyl that matches the tan colour in my '01 Outback? The only stereo shop near me sells black... and that's it. I'm not sure what they do for their custom installs. They didn't seem to savvy so likely nothing. At any rate that's not the point.

Someone here must have found an online source for matching carpet... I hope.

Thanks for any help.


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Where are you located? I know that a few of the shops that I worked out we may not carry the color you want but could order nearly any color. Another option is auto upholstery shops near you. I got some suede from a local shop that was well below what I expected to pay for it.

By the way, I miss my old series 7 stuff. I had a Cupid, Odin and a Zeus. Bulletproof.
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