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where to get matching carpet?

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Hi everyone. I'm planning my stereo install here. I will be putting a 10" sub and an amp rack where my spare tire currently is. The factory tire cover will be removed in favor of something which more stylishly displays my gear.

Can anyone help me find carpet and/or vinyl that matches the tan colour in my '01 Outback? The only stereo shop near me sells black... and that's it. I'm not sure what they do for their custom installs. They didn't seem to savvy so likely nothing. At any rate that's not the point.

Someone here must have found an online source for matching carpet... I hope.

Thanks for any help.


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Thanks for the reply. I live in Brampton, Ontario. I sent some emails out to a couple of upholstery shops. We'll see what happens. Would they order just a few yards of one colour for me?

My very first amp was a Cyclops VIII. I sold it for no good reason and regretted it ever since. Then when I was 18 I bought the Odin and the Pluto. I have used them in every car I've had since then. They are probably 20 years old now and have never failed me. I even ran 6, 8" subs off the Odin once. 2.6 ohm mono load and the amp just punished it. It's only rated for 4 ohm mono but it never even shut off. It got hot though. They are way over engineered. I don't think you can get amps like that anymore. I've used other amps over the years as well, but I've always gone back to the HiFonics. I just bought the Herc and can't wait to hear it. It's the sub amp I've been after for almost a quarter century!

They show up in the usual online sales areas from time to time but people still want money for the good ones. I saw a mint Colossus VIII go for $1100 last year.

Thanks again for your reply. Old school forever.

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