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Which coolant for '96 EJ22?

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I need to buy some coolant for my EJ22 - should I be buying something generic from Pepboys/Autozone/O'Reilly, or something specific from Subaru?
The coolant in there at present is blue in color.
Ideally need to run out and get it today, so can't order anything online.
Don't mind paying what's necessary.

TIA :)
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If it's blue it's probably the Subaru Long Life Coolant.

It's a very good idea to run that if you're rockin' the headgasket-eating 2.5. . you're not, so just about anybody's regular old polyethelyne glycol should be fine.

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Any green will be fine, but a silicate free, phosphate based coolant is still better. Since I can get a gallon of undilluted Subaru OEM Green for around $25 (or less) from my dealership I still put that in all of my cars including the 93 Legacy with the 2.2L

The generic stuff is atleast $16.
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