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2019 Subaru Outback Touring 3.6R, Crystal White Pearl
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I like the bluedriver OBD2 module I got recently. It works great with IOS.

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Just a heads up. I know this thread is old but I'm using the Bafx bluetooth dongle for android and it caused a trouble code of U0073. Which is a command module communication issue. If you reset the code. When you start your car leave the bluetooth disconnected for a few. This seems to have fixed my issue of throwing The CEL.

19 2.5i OB LTD w/SSD Strt Twr Brc + OEM 19mm RSB
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This is a question for someone using both Torque Pro and ActiveOBD on an Android phone with a BT dongle.

Specifically w.r.t. ActiveOBD, for the transmission and tire display, I see the % (power I presume) transfer to the rear, but only the left rear wheel is illuminated white. Nothing red as in some screen snapshots. Does the animation do more, and if so, might it be my older OBDII BT Dongle that is limiting? Then if I swipe, I see other datum which I like, but I have no idea if what I see is the complete list of what is possible...

Here is a report of parameters I collected with ActiveOBD today:
Coolant temperature
+201 °F
Engine Oil temperature
+198 °F
Fuel Consumption, mpg
Ignition Advance Multiplier (IAM)
Inlet Air temperature
+79 °F
AT/CVT Fluid temperature
+145 °F
Intake Manifold Air temperature
+111 °F
Catalyst temperature
+826 °F
Fuel Level, %
≈ 100
Fine Learning Knock Correction
____ °
Learned Ignition Timing
0.0 °
Ignition Total Timing
5.0 °
Battery Voltage
14.24 V
AT/CVT Fluid deterioration rate
0.02 %
AT/CVT Learning process completed
Trip duration
Distance traveled with malfunction indicator lamp on
000 mi
On-board test execution completed

If someone can tell me how their transmission display works in ActiveOBD, and what parameters they see on the various ActiveOBD displays, I would be sincerely grateful!

2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited
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Torque Pro but getting laggy

I have been using Torque Pro since I got my '10 OB last month and before that I was using it with my '07 Honda Accord. And since getting my Subaru I have noticed that there is much more info available through Torque. This is either because Honda limits the data output, has different codes that Torque isn't setup to recognize or the most likely reason is that the 3 years between vehicle years allowed auto makers to standardize and output more data.

The only thing about Torque Pro I don't like is that is hasn't been updated in probably years! It has started to get laggy for me in some menus, mostly scrolling through available PIDs/sensors to add to dashboard. I wish someone else would make an app better than Torque with the same customizability of it.
Thanks for the recommendations for ActiveOBD for Subaru! It is able to pull a little bit more info than standard Torque! I especially like the AWD monitoring it will be great when doing some light off-roading and driving in the snow!

And finally I was wondering if anyone else found a way to see the actual Tire Pressure values for the 2010 Outbacks! Cars were legally required to include TPMS's since '08 but stupidly only had to show a warming light for under/over pressures! I thought this would maybe be available through the OBDII but I can't find it and I thought maybe it would be a custom/non-standard PID /Sensor that can be added to Torque but can't find any information about it!
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