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i have a 11 outback 3.6r limited with 23k on it.When i have my heat on and set to floor and fan on 3of 4 it whistles like crazy in the dash if you switch it to any other mode it goes away any one know anything about this.

Mine did that on blower 2 and 3 set to push air to the floor. The fan motor wasn't lined up right or something with sleeve and was hissing excess air through a center dash vent. It drove me nuts. Try to warm my feet and I got a high pitched whistle in my ear that was beyond freaking annoying because I noticed it on my first run to UT within a week of purchasing the Powder chaser and she was brand spanking new.

Guys at Irvine Subaru tracked it down and replaced the fan motor and the plastic sleeve it attaches to under warranty. Got rid of the god awful whistling through the left or right (can't remember which) center vent with the heat/air going to the floor.

The unpleasant noises didn't end there. Then they had to add frion because on blower setting 1 it sounded like a bad bearing or one going bad with an erratic slow rubbing/grinding sound. It still makes a weird bearing off-kilter sound on setting one, but it can only be heard with the stereo off which is almost never

My advice is let them pull apart your dash and fix the thing before it goes off warranty. I wasn't keen on them opening my dash up to pops and rattles or screwed up trim lines and waited until about 1k left on warranty. Good luck - that hiss sucks.

I am at about 40k now and ready for some new tires.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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