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Who here has a outback with a 2.5L turbo that was originally a non turbo car?

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What kit did you use, and are you happy with the results? I am looking for a turbo kit for my '04 outback with a 2.5L automatic. Thanks in advance.

Anyone have experience with these: SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACK 1998-2004 1999 SINGLE TURBO KIT : eBay Motors (item 180497885046 end time May-22-10 12:24:57 PDT)

Any good?
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Most people who go turbo just do a full WRX swap. That way you have stronger internals and can run more boost than the 6-7psi you can get away with on the stock block.
Yup. Everyone I have seen has done a full swap. I haven't seen anyone do a kit on an Outback. The closest thing I have seen to a kit is this custom supercharger set up.
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