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Why I came to this post

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I have been building and repairing cars of all types for 25 years. I started as a teenager trained by my father, a master technician. I study constantly, especially computer controls. I can diagnose and repair any issue without comebacks. Being efficient in diagnostic and repairs saves me and my customers a lot of time and money. I don't replace with a "known good part" and wait to see what happens down the road. I find the failed part and repair it.

I have customers come to me all the time with suggestions they read online through a forum. Most times, the forum is wrong. They get misinformation and chase issues for weeks. I understand the underlying effort. Save money. DIY.

So, I am here to help. I have full access to Mitchell Online, AllData Repair and my brain. You have questions, I have answers. But don't be surprised if I ask you for clarifications. If you want to do it yourself, here is a short list of supplies you will need to effectively give me the information needed to shorted your repair time and lessen your headaches and ease your wallet:

Actron scanner; its inexpensive, under $250, and effective for basic live data that will tell you a lot. Be sure it reads "Readiness Status" in case you have to do a repair for an emission test. You can drive the car while watching the monitors drop off as they set.
Metric tools: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 34 and 36mm The majority size of nuts/bolts on the Subby.
Phillips and Flat head drivers
Floor jack and jack stands
Electrical repair kit Also comes in handy when you upgrade that McIntosh sound system to a Clarion/Polk/Kicker/Sound Ordnance that sounds like a concert hall.
The phone number to your local Subaru Parts Dealer. Some aftermarket parts for a Subby just don't work. Trust me.
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I come from a limited GM back yard style with some ASE scoolin myself. You're right about misinformation. Opinions become fact sometimes. Nice to have more real techs on here!!! Thanks for offering to do this!

I'm always amazed at how simple Subaru systems really are especially compared to other brands. So far the few things I've done on my Subie have actually been enjoyable.

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Being the internet, you have to learn how to filter the signal from the noise. There's a pretty decent amount of consensus on major issues with most car forums I've seen. If you look at the sum of the content, considered against evidence, the balance of opinions, and time, you'll usually find the truth.

The record here for information for me has proven pretty accurate. I've got a fixed wind noise issue and a pair of tweeters I didn't have to wire to show for it.
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