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Window tint finished - photos inside

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I had asked a while back about what shade tint to go with, and decided that I would go with the 35% tint over the 50%. I like the look, although I think a 40% - 45% would be perfect. I messed up the back glass so that is on order still, but I thought you all might like to see how it came out.

I "may" just order a spare kit, it was only $30 off e-bay. I am thinking about pulling the AWD decals off, and re-tinting the quarter glass. Then, I want to pick up new AWD decals and place them on top of the tint. That will darken the decals, get rid of the "outline" edge around them, and keep away any "ghost outlines" that may show in the glass.

All in all.... not to shabby for a 175k New England car I think!

This combined with my new Kenwood deck and speakers to feed an iPod or iPhone from, I am cruzin' in style! :29:

Next up?? I am thinking a nice wrap around hood deflector would look nice... but they can be a pain to wash around, and they cause rust at the mounting screws. My Subie is rust free and that is such a rare thing here in New England it's not funny! I do need a gate handle because mine is broken on one side. Maybe next up is the timing belt (pump, pulley's, and stuff) and some new tires.
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That's the ebay tint kit? I've always been afraid of those DIY tints because every one I've ever seen was full of bubbles.
nice job.

it's nice to add features that make the outback a bit more enjoyable to drive!

tint and new radio = win!

maybe wheels/tires?

you have a turbo... lol.


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That's the ebay tint kit? I've always been afraid of those DIY tints because every one I've ever seen was full of bubbles.
Yes, it's one of the kit's from RVinyl. $30.00 shipped, and they allow you to buy every window as a replacement tint for $5.99 if you mess up. Tint is tint at least when it comes to bubbles. That is all on the installer... Tint is cheap really, you are paying for the labor. Now there are plenty of high end film and some real garbage out there too... but for bubbles, it's pretty much the same thing. Clean windows, and a soap solution in a spray bottle made from maybe a tea spoon of baby shampoo and distilled water. Then it's just skill and working the film onto the glass. A HUGE tip is to just pull the door panels off and install the film that way. The hard ones are the quarter glasses because that dot-matrix pattern on the edges does not allow the film to lock to the glass, and the water likes to keep sneaking under the film. The back glass needs to be "shrunk" to the outside profile with a heat gun before you try to install it.

I am not into replacing rims unless they are really bad, mine are fine enough... but I do need some new tires soon!
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Hey Firefyter EMT,

I see your needing tires soon. May I suggest the Michelin HydroEdge. I bought them for my 99 Outback Wagon and have been very impressed. Especially good for you guys up northeast as I live in AZ but am from Putnam County,NY so I know the wet that you get often. I bought mine online from Discount Tire but any reputable Michelin dealer will do, just shop the price and your good to go. Michelin are more money but you get what you pay for. I also recommend 38psi to get a long life out of them and the best gas mileage. I get 30mpg on the highway with mine. God luck!
i can only find that tint kit for our 1st gens for $40 from that company? do you have a link to the $30 one?

also was wondering if you did the $20 rebate? they say if you send in 4 hi res photos of the completed job you get an instant $20 rebate. was curious if its really as easy as that or if its a store credut etc. thanks for the additional info!
30MPG? Wow, I only get 20 and that's if I'm REALLY easy on it and do nothing but interstate driving. And I have 40PSI in my tires.
gas mileage

I also recommend NGK Iridium spark plugs. They made a huge difference in performance, reliability and gas mileage. All Synthetic fluids in axles, trans and motor. Clean air filter and new spark plug wires .
Not that this added to my mileage but I used Seafoam Fuel cleaner in my gas and I put a can in my oil about a week before I changed my oil and filter. It took all the black junk out of my crank case and made all the oil passages cleaner and never hurt any seals. Now when I change my oil it looks like maple syrup and not like black crud. PCV valve is very very important. Either clean it with carb cleaner or replace it. I also used another can of SeaFoam fuel cleaner by having it suck through an available vacuum port(even the pcv port works). This usually uses most of a 16 oz can and then the engine stalls. This is normal. You let it sit for five minutes to disolve any carbon in the intake system and on top of the pistons. Then start it back up and be prepared for a lot of white smoke as it gets rid of all that junk in the combustion chamber that has accumulated over the years. Take it for a drive on the highway and blow out all that smoke until it slows down. That smoke goes away soon believe it or not and your engine starts quicker and runs better with better mileage.
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They may of changed the price on the tint, but it was the $30 price when I bought it.

I will look a those tires too, not sure if I want to put huge money into them though. My commute is 95% highway and main roads. If I have a day of really deep snow, I will just take my old CJ to work and not have a care in the world.
are you having any trouble with the tint peeling off at the top of the window (where it meets the rubber seals)? i did an ebay tint kit on my 99 outback, and from opening and closing the doors to get my kids out the tint is peeling right off..i might have to peel it off and take it to a tint shop..
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