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2017 Subaru Legacy Sport; 2023 Subaru Outback Onyx XT
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.I would love to find another set of ide 23 Onyx wheels and throw my summer tires on there and call it a day. But their impossible to find used.
so considering non subaru brand wheels for my winter setup (for next year since their already mounted on the factory wheels for this season)
Yes it is hard to find Onyx wheels used, but not too difficult to find Limited/Touring trim wheels from 2020+ that are the same thing just not painted black. I didn't do snow tires this year since my OEM ones are new, and that is good enough for where I live, but I found a set of Limited wheels in new condition for $400 that I plan to use next winter. If I am feeling ambitious, I might try to paint them so they look like the stock Onyx wheels.
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