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You'll be good to go for the most part but you'll want a few essentials. An emergency kit is a must. Make sure you have a decent ice scraper with a brush to get snow off the hood and roof.

If you'll be able to park it overnight in a garage you won't really need the engine block heater unless your garage is detached and isn't insulated. Also don't warm up your car inside said garage even with the door open. The fumes aren't good for you or your family.

When I go out for a drive in the cold, I make sure I have a warm enough jacket and pair of gloves just in case the car dies and it needs to be pushed. It's no fun pushing a freezing vehicle with your bare hands.

Other than that you don't need too much else. Some people pack blankets and other survival gear but if you don't live in a rural area you won't need it.
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