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I live here in MN, and we moved up here a couple of years ago and like I have stated in other threads, brand new to subaru's and learning on the fly.

You won't need a block heater unless your leaving it outside (which you need to re-evaluate and get a garage) or your moving to N Minnesota, basically S Canada. I'm talking Duluth, International Falls, etc. are and then you probably need to get your head examined!!! :> If you'll be in the metro area (Twin Cities) you'll be fine with no block heater.

MN knows how to handle snow and ice and cold, so they do put the brine on, not sure exactly how it affects the vehicles, but seems to work well with clearing snow/ice. Because of that, if your in the metro area, I wouldn't say you need snow tires, if your in "outstate" everywhere besides the Metro, snow tires would be helpful.

This is a huge subaru area, one of the reasons we got ours, is because almost every car we see on the road is a subaru. Plus, when we got 16in of snow a month ago, the only cars that were driving through it were subarus.

I do agree that having a car kit is very smart, especially, if your driving outstate. Emergency blanket, water, jumpers, flashlight, batteries, etc.

Hope you enjoy it, we have, the spring/summer and fall are great! Can't wait to go camping this spring and take the canoe up to the BWCA this summer/fall in the OB.
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