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Using a USB drive is there any advantage to using one format over another? I did rip some albums using, Windows media player which was a PITA to figure out, and did some albums in each format.The sound is great, and all the folders show up just fine. Just wondering if one format is "better" than the other.

I have a 2012 3.6 Limited, no NAV, and am also wondering if an 8gb USB is the largest that will be recognized? The owners manual doesn't list a size max. It also says a high speed USB 2 will not work, but that's what I am using at the minute.

Being an old timer, I have in the past just poped in CD's as needed, but having the ability to use a USB drive with many albums on it has me trying new ground. And I like it!! Go oldies but goodies.:29:

Toss in any other advice you might have.

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