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2000 Outback Wagon - 2.5/5Spd
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So, my girlfriend's rear view mirror came off (adhesive failure in very hot temps) and I just glued it back on today. After I glued the base back to the windshield, I couldn't get the mirror itself to lock securely into place. It's got a bit of wobble to it now and comes off of the bracket pretty easily (I can see it falling off the next time she hops a curb or something).

After doing everything I could to get it to hold (short of filling it with glue), I gave up and went to the Interwebs. My initial search tells me that it's the spring clip for the rear view that is the culprit. Over at the Subaru Forester forum they say that it's a one-use part and to replace it. Over at ScoobyMods I read that you can try flipping it over and it will hold but that didn't help any.

I guess my question is this:

The part# for the spring clip that was posted on the Forester forum is 92031FC020. I've also seen this part# referenced for a 2002-2007 Legacy. Can anybody confirm that this is the same spring clip on my 2000 Outback Wagon? All of the pictures I've seen look the same as what I'm working with but I want to be sure.


(I do also have emails in to my local Subaru dealer and a couple of online 'Ru part shops but I tend to get better answers here)
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