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worse off after service

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99 outback 2.5l AT.

Had a leak problem. Took it to local garage, (not a Subaru dealership) and my first time using them, as I do most of my own repairs, but didn't have time to do this repair.

bill came to $400 .. i paid it, went home, problem was worse than when I took it in.. (leaking oil)

Question is.. Do I give them a second chance to fix it, (under their warranty) or ask for my $400 back and go somewhere else ? (they aren't the only shop around)
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Give them a second chance to make it right. If they screw it up again, then ask for your money back.
post your city and maybe someone can suggest a shop.

I think I'd have to take it back at least once.

can you tell us more about the problem and what they did for $400?
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