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Would you let a trusted mechanic do the first (3750) maintenance/checkup?

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I know I can wait until 7500 miles as we haven't operated under extreme conditions, but I'd like to get the first service done with. I bought the car at a dealership further away from home than I'd like to go to to get service done, so I called the local dealer yesterday (and e-mailed them) to set up an appointment and they haven't bothered to call me back (more than 26 hours later as of now). I do have an appointment at the next closest dealer, but it's still a bit of a shlep.

I have a very trusted mechanic about 1/4 mile from home. Can they do the same work without voiding the warranty?

If the first trip should be to a dealer, can I take it to my guy for future regular maintenance?

Many thanks!
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Most importantly when servicing outside of a dealer is to save all of your service records in case of any future warranty issues. Be sure they are detailed with the date , mileage and work performed.

It is obviously not preferred by Subaru but an aftermarket filter is acceptable and more importantly is that it's performed as scheduled in your owners manual.

The Genuine filters are cheap enough though that an aftermarket should not even be considered , We offer a 12 pack with needed drain plug gaskets starting from 61.79

You do not have the Oil Filters listed on your site for the 2013 Outback 2.5i - at least, I cannot locate them. I assume they are the same filter for the Forester's.
We have updated our site ,

The single filter is shown here

The 12-pack is listed here

Thank you
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