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I'm very glad that you and all involved are OK and the kindness from the other Family involved!
I am also curious if you noticed that the Brake Assist feature kicked in, if that option's available on your 2020?
Since (I think) the OP's Subaru was hit from the side, by the Ford that had the right-of-way, I wouldn't think that the Subaru's safety systems would have been of much help.

It would have perhaps helped if the other driver's Ford had some sort of emergency brake assist (Maybe it did, but there still wasn't enough time or distance to stop the Ford....)

Another theoretical feature that might have helped would be if the Subaru had "red light detection", with automatic braking. Do some cars have this? The problem with such a feature is that sometimes you wouldn't want the car to be automatically slamming on the brakes at a red light. For example, the light is yellow, and you know it might turn red before you really get through the intersection, but there is a semi right behind you, and you don't think they will be able to stop as fast as you.... So you intentionally go through, even though the light changes to red while you're still in the intersection. A properly-designed red light detection system could be made smart enough to NOT slam on the brakes at the last minute, but still do reasonable amounts of automatic braking for a light that is already red....
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