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Hi, my radiator leaks from the upper part so I dicided to replace it. I got a New one, of course for an AT model.
When I took out the old radiator, surprise.!!!! It was a radiator without hoses .!!
I didn’t see any hoses out of place.. ?

Any help please.!

PS : this car has only one year with me.

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I think I lost something in the translation there. is it the old radiator that was leaking or a hose,...or maybe something else?

what one did you buy by make and stock #?

EZ30 of 2007 / 2008 could have a really unique radiator.
(one that only goes with EZ30 cars of the same body legacy/ legacy outback..US spec 2005-2009, or world spec year 2004-2008,...subaru OEM #45111AG04A)

one aftermarket company that makes it so their's excepts a OEM subaru rad cap is CSF. (the stock # for your car in their catalog is 3142)

CSF Radiators Catalog. Browse Condensers, Intercoolers and Radiators.

subarus like their OEM rad cap. (too tight = boiling and head gaskets).

and welcome to the forum. (Mr. I am from the south end of chile, with a dirty car).

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I think OP is saying that there were no connections made for the AT to the old radiator.

Do you see evidence of an external transmission cooler anywhere?

Parts 22 and 23 on attached diagram for 5EAT are the inlet and outlet pipes; start from there.


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