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02 OB sport, 2.5, 5MT, WRX seats/catback/rear bar, Hellas, Home Despot CAI and roof rack
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this isn't an aftermkt product, stock Subie, but wanted to mention it here as it works so well. one of the few modifications i've done to cars over the last 35 yrs that doesn't seem to have ANY downside.

to fit onto an OBS, you'll need to cut just aft of flange connector and weld in about a 2" extension and rotate flange slightly. you'll also need the larger diameter WRX ring gasket for the flange connector (abt $25 at dlr). for a LOB, it will probably require more length be added. this is easy welding project or local shop can do for cheap.

combined with CAI and K&N filter in stock airbox, it pulls better than stock (esp just off idle), has GREAT exhaust tone without being loud enough to offend spouse or S.O. (until you get over abt 4500 rpm, where it gets a nice snarl that's ideal for saying goodbye to sportutes and the like), seems to get slightly better fuel mileage (this may be imaginary, it's prolly les than 1 mpg if so). and it's factory Subaru quality, and is also less likely to get dlr or emissions inspn place in a tizzy due to having factory stampage on it. ANd it fills the opening in the rear valance of the OBS (which was designed for this pipe since the same body is used for WRX) perfectly.

i pd $50 on Ebay, so it was abt $100 total with shipping and the ring gasket. just TRY to find a cat-back system for that. would i do it again? so fast it'd make your head spin, like within a month of purchasing the car.
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